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What participants Have said about Past Courses

"Trevor was so helpful!"

Trevor delivered great, helpful real-world applicability of IFS practice as facilitator and presenter. I appreciated his expertise and capacity to engage with all of the participants with compassion.

"Lorri's Energy"

I so appreciated Lorri's calm, compassionate, and attentive stance as a facilitator and presenter. I appreciated her expertise and deep understanding of IFS and ability to break down complex concepts. 

"Community "

I really enjoyed this course, the daily homework, the meditations, and the opportunity to practice and build relationships. Thank you for creating a safe and supportive community in which to learn.

"Dream Team"

Lorri was excellent. Brought her teaching style and skills to the training. I think collaboration with Trevor made for a great experience. 

We look forward to working with you and meeting all your parts

Here is what to expect:

Keep an eye out for emails from Lorri and Trevor 

Following ordering keep an eye out for an email from Lorri and Trevor with important information for the training. The schedule and weekly updates! 

Questions or concerns 

If you have any questions or concerns please reach out directly to both Trevor ( and Lorri (

Thank you so much!

This is a life changing training that can shift the way you view yourself and work with clients, we are honoured that you have decided to join us for this journey.

We look forward to meeting you and connecting our worlds. 


Trevor & Lorri 

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