I'm Trevor Bird

"Learn to lead yourself to lead others" 

I am an IFS (internal family systems) therapy practitioner, and breathwork facilitator. I help people make sense of their inner experience, and breathwork is a foundational tool in doing so.   
How we relate to our breath is how we relate to the world around us. 

In this evening ceremony you will learn what it means to meet your higher self and free you from the resistance that has held you back from the life you desire. It will connect you with your ability to be calm, confident and curious. 

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March 31 at 7:00PM join me in North Van at Sweat Van city studio for your "Soul Flight" 

Located at 130-400 Brooksbank Avenue, North Vancouver, BC, North Vancouer, BC V7J 2C2
Doors @6:30, begin @7:00 

  • Investment - $70 
  • ​What you will need: 
  • Yoga matt, blanket and pillow  ​
  • ​Water 
  • ​Comfortable clothing 
  • ​Avoid eating anything heavy 4 hours prior
  • ​A small token or relic representing your intention.  

What is Breathwork?! 

Breathwork and research on breathwork is promising. 
Potential health benefits include:
 - Alkalizing your blood PH 
- Anti-inflammatory effect 
- Elevating your mood 

Breathwork is the paradigm shift for meditation.  

Breath work is a powerful somatic practice that connects your mind body and soul.
Who are we if we're not solving problems, doing, or trying to be somewhere? During a breathwork ceremony, you will be able to find out.  Here is what you can expect:

  • ​A deeper connecting with your own emotions​
  • ​Ability to regulate yourself under stress and pressure 
  • ​Understand your patterns and unconscious behaviour ​
  • ​​A night of deep connection with community ​
  • Improved sense of well being ​

What is included?!

  • investment is $70 for the evening
  • ​2.5-3 hours evening with like minded individuals ​
  • ​Group ceremony and coaching session to provide insight to yourself and shift your perception 
  • Access to  the inner world breathwork community 
  • ​25% off 1-1 Integration packages 750$ Value 


What others are saying about us

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Jason Evans  

Trevor invited me to join his guided breathwork sessions. The first experience was moving, literally and figuratively. I felt a shift in myself during and particularly after the practice, a feeling of coming back home (to myself) after an extended time away. A physical lightning in my shoulders and back like taking off a heavy pack. Trevor embodies the work he teaches, and I feel fortunate each time I get to sit and breath along side him.

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Antonio Mazzola

Breathwork with Trevor has been a life changer. The sessions are transportative and bring me in line with my energy and in touch with a higher power. I feel better connected to the universe and know that the work with Trevor has been crucial along my journey of self discovery..

Breathwork Ceremony 


Here are common questions and concerns for the evening:

Who is this Class for:

This is for anyone that would like to have a unique experience. It is for anyone that may be curious, stuck, or wanting something more out of life. you do not to need to know how to do this. it is for beginners and advanced breathers alike. 

Who is this not for

Breathwork is not for you if: 
-You are pregnant
-Have High blood pressure
-Bipolar diagnosis or schizophrenia  

What is the cost and lenght/format

The investment is 70$ for the 2.5-3 hour session. 
20-30 minute intro and talk. 
60-90 min breathing 
20-30 min closing ceremony.  

Refund policy

There is a no refund policy, and we can use your ticket for a future event need be if you cancel. 

What is included 

60-90 min breathwork ceremony
Integration Ceremony 
25% off integration 1-1 sessions

I have a hard time meditating is this for me?

Perfect! this is a paradigm shift to meditation. breathwork is an active meditation that will shift the way you sit with yourself. 

Get Ready for your 
Soul Flight


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